25 September 2016 Written by

This is an international episode of CoC as award-winning England-based writer Antony Johnston joins Patrick and this week’s special guest co-host, artist Christopher Mitten, to talk all about how they got into comics as fans and how they wound up working together. They’ll both be at Challengers on Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.
Also, music from Antony’s SILENCAEON project.
Antony Johnston is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author. His graphic novel THE COLDEST CITY is being adapted into a film starring Charlize Theron. His epic series WASTELAND is one of only a handful of such longform comic stories in the medium. His first video game, DEAD SPACE, redefined the survival horror genre.

Antony has written more than thirty graphic novels and comic series, including THE FUSE, UMBRAL, DAREDEVIL, JULIUS, CODENAME BABOUSHKA, THE LONG HAUL, WOLVERINE PRODIGAL SON, the ALEX RIDER graphic novels, the DEAD SPACE transmedia comics, and the adaptation of Alan Moore's 'lost screenplay' FASHION BEAST.
Antony also hosts the podcast UNJUSTLY MALIGNED on the Incomparable network, and records music under the alias SILENCAEON.
Originally from the cow-dappled expanse of southern Wisconsin, Christopher MItten now spends his time roaming the misty wilds of suburban Chicago, drawing little people in little boxes. 

Among others, he has contributed work for Dark Horse, DC Comics, Oni Press, Vertigo, Image Comics, 44FLOOD, IDW, Black Mask, and Simon & Schuster.

19 September 2016 Written by

Dal has an iPhone 7.
Batman Day 2016 causes some Snapchat confusion.
We, once again, sell posters.
This week is an embarrassment of great comic riches. So, so, so many great books came out at once!
There is more entertainment diversity in comics now than ever before.
Patrick does NOT dislike Declan Shalvey’s art. No matter what Dal tells you.
Genre racking in comic book shops.

11 September 2016 Written by

This starts with probably too much talk about a toilet.
That leads, naturally of course, into the building of our new Back Issue boxes.
This is the last week we’ll bring up our “C” logo t-shirt Kickstarter.
Barnes & Noble is having a rough go of book-selling and that leads us to other retailers and their reasons for a perceived economic downturn. Their reasons surprise us.
DC sales are up. Marvel’s are down.
We’re looking forward to: Supergirl: Being Super, Green Valley, Moonshine, Shade the Changing Girl, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon.
Brian Azzarello is joining us for Local Comic Shop Day!

04 September 2016 Written by

This one goes over the 2-hour mark as Patrick and Dal talk about:
Messy store shelves
The new Back Issue boxes
Chicago’s impending Amazon store
Image Comics moving their offices to Portland
New title announcements from this weekend’s Diamond Retailer Summit
Whose fault is it when a title gets cancelled? The Publisher? The retailers? The consumers?
Lots of talk about pre-orders and why it is NOT your responsibility.

28 August 2016 Written by

In a ‘rewarding’ episode, we talk about how Five Stars is working out for us as a customer rewards program. Is it needed to stay competitive?
On the heels of Wizard World Chicago, we reminisce about our earliest con-going experiences (and John Byrne).
Armed robbery (not of Challengers, but next to).
Secret product drops and the comics industry.
Civil War II is late and longer and going to wrap AFTER the new Marvel Now launches, just like Secret Wars and All-New All-Different Marvel. So we DON’T learn from mistakes?
Patrick is digging a bunch of Dark Horse titles.

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