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Written by PETER MILLIGAN Penciled by TOMM COKER, DALIBOR TALAJIC, LAURENCE CAMPBELL, GORAN PARLOV & LEANDRO FERNANDEX Covers by JOHN CASSADAY & DAVID AJA In the age of samurai, death is their only master. Wolverine - the undying killer. Hulk - the barely contained monster. Punisher - the soldier without a war. Psylocke - the beauty who can look within you. Deadpool - the world's most dangerous fool. In feudal Japan, the spirits of these five heroes live on as you've never seen them before. These aren't super heroes. They are disgraced warriors, masterless samurai. They are 5 Ronin. Collecting 5 RONIN #1-5. 136 PGS./Parental Advisory