All New Wolverine TP VOL 05 Orphans of X

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When Daken, Logans enigmatic son, is kidnapped, its up to his sister to find him! But when the trail leads Wolverine back to the facility where she was created and tortured, shell find new horrors waiting for her. Who are the Orphans of X, and what do they have in store for the children of Logan? When Laura took on the mantle of Wolverine, she swore off killing. But no matter how far she runs, it seems her past will always catch up to her unless she and Daken can put her bloody history in the ground once and for all! But the Orphans of X will stop at nothing to do the same to them! To survive, Laura will have to delve deep into Logans history and the legacy of the Wolverine! Collecting ALL-NEW WOLVERINE #25-29. Rated T+