Avengers TP Legacy of Thanos

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(W) Roger Stern, John Byrne (A) John Buscema, John Byrne (CA) Kerry Gammill. When Monica Rambeau* the new Captain Marvel* visits Thanos' abandoned starship* she ends up the unwitting and unwilling guest of space pirate Nebula. Planning to conquer the Skrull Galaxy* Nebula just might be the granddaughter of Thanos himself! If Cap's teammates back on Earth can topple the towering Terminus in the Savage Land* they'll be drawn into Nebula's interstellar conflict but this time* the Avengers will fight on the side of the Skrulls! Get ready for a cosmic classic as the flame-haired Firelord and the all-mighty Beyonder enter the fray. And it's a small universe when the Fantastic Four appear but can even two teams of heroes prevent the biggest shakeup in Skrull history? Collecting AVENGERS (1963) #255-261 and ANNUAL #14* and FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL #19.