Batman (Tynion IV) HC VOL 01 Their Dark Designs

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Superstar comic book writer Tom King and others team with acclaimed artist Lee Weeks to take on pop culture's greatest hero* Batman! This collection includes "Cold Days*" as Bruce Wayne gets jury duty for a court case involving Mr. Freeze! Will the evidence cause Batman to rethink his methods? In "Knightmares*" Batman chases a new foe who outsmarts him at every turn is it someone more familiar to the Dark Knight than even he suspects? And in the Eisner Award-nominated Batman/Elmer Fudd Special* Batman ends up in the Looney Tunes character's crosshairs in a story you never expected! Plus* classic tales illustrated by Weeks* including "Prodigal*" in which Dick Grayson took on the Batman cowl for the first time. Collects Batman #51-53 and #67* Batman Annual #2* and Batman/Elmer Fudd Special #1.