Moon Knight Legacy TP VOL 02

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Marc Spectors true origin revealed! His multiple personalities stem from a traumatic event in his childhood one that will soon shape Moon Knights future! And even as Spector faces this internal crisis, he must take on his most disturbing foe yet the multi-limbed amalgamation of bodies and brains called the Collective! Can Marc, Steven, Jake and Moon Knight avoid being subsumed into the creatures subconscious? And when a group of psychotic killers gather for a gruesome feast, will Moon Knight dish out their just desserts or become the main course?! At the end of his rope, Marc takes a much-needed excursion...with his oldest enemy! Welcome to the nightmare-scape of Ras be monsters! And as old enemies return, Moon Knight comes face-to-face with his demons in an oversized anniversary spectacular! Dont miss it! Collecting MOON KNIGHT (2017) #194-200. Rated T+