Punisher War Journal By Matt Fraction TP VOL 01 Complete Collection

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The Punisher is back with a vengeance! When a superhuman Civil War breaks out, Frank Castle finds himself square in the crosshairs of G.W. Bridge, a S.H.I.E.L.D. big gun who always gets his man. Frank should be lying low, but when spandex-clad bad guys start carrying badges...well, thats something he just cant abide. But can the Punisher play by Captain Americas rules? In the wars aftermath, Frank infiltrates a super-militia bent on igniting a bloody race war and led by a new Hate-Monger! With Bridge in hot pursuit, can the Punisher disrupt the National Forces plans or will he succumb to hate? Plus: An all-new look for the Punisher brings the Winter Soldier out of the woodwork. And can Frank stand up to the alien madness of WORLD WAR HULK? Collecting PUNISHER WAR JOURNAL (2006) #1-12 and #1 B&W EDITION. Parental Advisory