Star Wars Orig Marvel Yrs #108

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THE ALL-NEW NEXT ISSUE TO THE ORIGINAL MARVEL STAR WARS SERIES! A long time ago on a spinner rack far, far away...STAR WARS comics were a LOT different than they are now! With wild and intricately plotted storylines, MARVELs historic original run introduced an array of unique heroes and villains to play alongside GEORGE LUCASs incredibly popular science-fantasy characters. In celebration of MARVELS 80TH ANNIVERSARY, this Legends-era sequel to legendary comic book writer Archie Goodwins Crimson Forever reunites HAN SOLO, LUKE SKYWALKER, PRINCESS LEIA, CHEWBACCA, C-3PO and R2-D2 with JAXXON, AMAIZA FOXTRAIN, DOMINA TAGGE and VALANCE THE HUNTER in a galaxy-threatening, nostalgic roller coaster! STRAP YOURSELVES IN! Rated T