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Everyones favorite symbiote goes from bad to Venomverse! During a routine battle with Jack OLantern, Eddie Brock is transported to a far-off world where he learns a terrible truth: A deadly species called the Poisons have emerged, and theyre hunting Venoms! Trapped on the planets surface with a ragtag band of symbiotically enhanced heroes, Eddie has no choice but to mount a counteroffensive and hope to find a way home! But the Poisons campaign is relentless, and Spider-Man is the first to fall! Deadpool has an idea how to stop them, and its so crazy it just might work! But when Venom thinks up his own long-shot plan, itll either be a miracle or an absolute bloodbath! Speaking of bloodbaths, did anyone ask for Carnage? Its Venomized heroes against Poisoned heroes in a battle for symbiotic survival! Collecting VENOMVERSE #1-5. Rated T+