Verse GN Book 01 Broken Half

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Fife is your typical apprentice blacksmith and he knows one thing for certain. Magic doesnt exist anymore. Sure, theres the Verse, but thats not the same thing at all. Then he meets Neitya, who isnt your typical girl, and everything he knows changes in a flash of...well...magic. EVERYONE KNOWS MAGIC DOESN'T EXIST ANYMORE, UNTIL MAGIC CHANGES EVERYTHING. Fife's plans to become an expert swordsmith are interrupted when he meets Neitya, an extraordinary girl unlike any he's ever met before...primarily because of her horns and amnesia. Worryingly, she seems akin to the monstrous Vel who roam the countryside. but when Fife is attacked by the Vel, Neitya saves him by using a skill thought to be forever lost to everyone: Magic. Fife and Neitya decide to journey together, seeking the guidance they need to unravel the mystery of her origin. Book 1 of the three volume series of original graphic novels.