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Animated-style adventures from one of the X-Mens greatest eras! Wolverine takes on the savage Hulk but whose side are Havok and X-Factor on? And what does the gamma-powered Leader have to do with it all? Meanwhile, Beast and Gambit face the evil machinations of Mister Sinister with a little help from Spider-Man! Things take an occult turn for Cyclops, courtesy of the demonic NGarai and the Dweller-in-Darkness! And when Magneto and his Brotherhood commit an act of war, the X-Men must respond but as the situation explodes out of control, it just might bring about the Apocalypse...with a capital A! Who will be left standing in the ultimate survival-of-the-fittest battle? Collecting ADVENTURES OF THE X-MEN #1-6 and ADVENTURES OF SPIDER-MAN #3. All Ages