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One tiny hero one giant, action-packed book! Scott Lang was a down-on-his-luck divorced ex-con until he stole Hank Pyms size-changing suit to save his daughter! Since then, Scotts life has been a rollercoaster. But will he continue to be a hero or return to his former life of crime? Or perhaps both?! Scott has his hands full with a new business, some questionable employees and a teenage daughter who was once an Avenger herself! Then there are villains like the Power Broker and Scotts archenemy, Darren Cross, plus the female Beetle will she be friend, foe or something else entirely? Nick Spencers entire fast, furious and fun Ant-Man run is collected between two covers! Collecting ANT-MAN (2015) #1-5 and ANNUAL #1, ANT-MAN: LAST DAYS #1, and ASTONISHING ANT-MAN #1-13. Rated T+