Conan the Barbarian TP VOL 02 Life and Death of Conan Book Two

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Conan is dead! Long live Conan! The Life and Death of Conan concludes! Beyond his lusts for ale, battle and gold, many women have captured Conan the Barbarians heart over the years. But nothing is sacred when the Crimson Witch strikes and twists what is truly best in life! Then, Conan returns home to Cimmeria...but things arent exactly as he remembers them! Is he that out of touch or is he falling into the trap of the wizard Thoth-Amon?! Beasts from the past rear their fearsome heads, and the Barbarian meets his ultimate fate but what lies beyond? Could it be...Crom?! Conan comes face-to-face with his god, but Crom does not care for the fate of any mortal unless that mortal forces him to! Prepare for the literal battle of a lifetime! Collecting CONAN THE BARBARIAN (2019) #7-12. Parental Advisory