Despicable Deadpool TP VOL 02 Bucket List

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Deadpool has a lot of unfinished business in his inbox, and hes determined to take care of it all before...any sort of bad and permanent-ish thing happens to him. Revenge on Hydras Stevil Rogers? Settling things with Rogue? Oh, and doesnt he still need to kill a few more folks? Then theres Madcap to deal with and wait, is Deadpool seriously going to take out Apocalypse?! This is starting to sound a bit like a bucket list. Its almost as if its time to get Wades affairs in order. You know, just in case. Plus: A bonus Deadpool tale from the past, previously only read by obsessive variant cover collectors! Collecting DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #292-296 and the SECRET COMIC VARIANTS from DEADPOOL #23-25 and #30-36, and DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #287-296. Parental Advisory