Doctor Strange By Mark Waid TP VOL 02 Remittance

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Doctor Strange returns to Earth to find...Doctor Strange?! Something bizarre happened since Stephen took off into the cosmos and it doesnt bode well for him. Its time to gear up, get serious and build his new arsenal because Strange has become his own worst enemy. Literally! And as if this twisted mystery werent enough, a villain from Stranges past threatens the Sanctum Sanctorum in a way Stephen has never experienced before! A shadowy figure has been working in the background for months, chipping away at Stephen and other magicians and now the other shoe finally drops. Does Strange stand a chance against a mysterious foe who controls all magic an opponent who can turn off his spells with a snap of their fingers? Join a lineup of all-star artists for a monumentally strange tale! Collecting DOCTOR STRANGE (2018) #6-11. Rated T+