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A NEW TALE OF TERROR FROM COMICS' MASTER OF SUSPENSE -HIS FIRST COLOR BOOK FROM FANTAGRAPHICS Eight desperate people are stranded at a snowbound diner. Their phones can only pick brief and perplexing bits of conversation. The radio is filled with static - although occasional, broken-up bits of news are heard - reports of some sort of global catastrophe... A ninth person arrives, hiking to the diner from his stranded car, where he had been listening to his car radio. He informs the others that, yes, from what he was been able to make out, something alarming seems to have happened, a catastrophe on a global scale... Oh, and one more bit of local news he happened to pick up, he says: The previous night an inmate escaped from a nearby hospital for the criminally insane, after killing his doctor and several bystanders. The police warn that he is very, very dangerous... What perhaps sounds like the description of an old weird tale or an episode of The Twilight Zone is actually just the beginning of the new suspenseful, brain-twisting graphic novel from the author of Delphine, The Chuckling Whatsit, and Cat Burglar Black. In The Hidden, as the isolated characters become increasingly unraveled, one character tells of a dream he recently had. Then each of the others tells a dream, a personal anecdote or a story they've heard, ranging from the bizarre to the absurd to the truly horrific. Each will be presented as its own chapter. Then there are the games - a selection of (fully illustrated) card games and board games found in the diner. Are these merely children's games - or something more sinister?