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The clash youve been waiting for! At last, Weapon H takes on his predecessors: Wolverine and the Hulk! Not long ago, the Weapon X program sought to re-create two of the Marvel Universes deadliest warriors. They ended up with Clay, A.K.A. Weapon H, a soldier with Adamantium claws and gamma-juiced blood. But now Wolverine and the Hulk want a piece of the dangerous creation made in their name! And theyre not the only threats coming for Clay. Weapon Hs maker, Dr. Alba, is about to meet the Leader and the result will transform not only the course of Clays life, but also Wolverine and the Hulk! As Marvels greatest titans rampage out of control, its up to Clay to stop them but what is one Hulkverine against two? Prepare for the fight of the century! Collecting HULKVERINES #1-3. Plus: Weapon Hs first appearance in TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #22. Rated T+