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(W/A) Various (CA) Dave Johnson. Tales of death, depravity and destruction Punisher-style! Frank Castles relentless war on crime leads him to Mexico, Philadelphia and Louisiana. But when hes left with six hours to live, that only means he has time to kill! The Punisher will face unspeakable horrors, and ride shotgun with a lady whose little black book is filled with dark secrets. Hell cut through New Yorks seedy underbelly in search of the one gang member that got away. And hell be a force of nature on the high seas. But hell never escape his past, as five stories take an unflinching look at what really happened the day Frank Castles family died...and the Punisher was born! Collecting PUNISHER MAX ANNUAL 2007, PUNISHER: FORCE OF NATURE, PUNISHER: LITTLE BLACK BOOK, PUNISHER (2004) #61-65 and PUNISHER: FRANK CASTLE MAX #66-75. Explicit Content