Quicksilver TP No Surrender

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The fastest Avenger of all races straight out of the smash-hit No Surrender event and into a psychedelic survival thriller unlike anything youve seen before! Quicksilvers super-speed and abrasive personality have always isolated him, but hes never been truly alone...until now. Trapped beyond the perception of his friends, family and allies, Pietro must now wage a one-man guerilla war against a monster that hes not even sure is real to save a world that he may never be a part of again! But can he protect his sister, the Scarlet Witch, from forces she cant even perceive? Exhausted and facing an enemy who renders his abilities useless, Pietro must use every trick in his arsenal to save Wanda...but hes running out of tricks! Is Quicksilver doomed to be lost forever? Collecting QUICKSILVER: NO SURRENDER #1-5. Rated T+