Rutabaga Adventure Chef GN VOL 02 Feasts of Fury

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(W/A/CA) Eric Colossal. Rutabaga and Pot continue their journey to find the most exotic ingredients in this hilarious sequel, which comes complete with recipes! On their mission to find only the most exotic ingredients for top-notch dishes, Rutabaga and his pet cooking pot, Pot, somehow manage to get themselves into a series of pickles. Amid the giant killer spiders, a desperate acting troupe, a nefarious thief, and a horde of toxic gubblins (nasty, goblin-like creatures) who threaten to take over the kingdom of Evanore, how is Rutabaga supposed to find any time to cook? As in the first book, in the back are three safe, easy-to-make recipes for all ages. Available in Softcover and Hardcover editions.