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The awesome origin of Wolverine! In the beginning, he was Logan, a tormented man with a bloody past and a shameful secret. But to the mysterious Weapon X Program, he was a weapon in the making. Could the miracle metal called Adamantium be bonded to a human skeleton and used to create a brainwashed killing machine? Weapon X thought so and they were right. But Logan, the man trapped inside Experiment X, doesnt give up so easily. And when he takes his inevitable vengeance, the Weapon X Program will reap what they have sown! Tightly paced and tensely told, visionary creator Barry Windsor-Smiths stunning saga is more than just one of the most savage and sensational Wolverine tales of all its one of the greatest stories in Marvel history! Collecting material from MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #72-84. Rated T+