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Wayward son! Every known mutant lives on Professor Xs newly forged island paradise of Krakoa except for one. And now the X-Men feel that its time for Franklin Richards to come home. Theres only one problem: What does his Fantastic family have to say about that? As lines are drawn, the X-Men face down the Fantastic Four and nothing will ever be the same! In this brave new Dawn of X, Charles Xavier and his fellow mutants have reshaped the world. But you cant change a world without encountering its true master: Doom! Now, with the fate of the nation of Krakoa at stake, Franklin faces a momentous decision and the X-Men and the FF must fight to save the future! Lines will be crossed, enemies will be made and the Marvel Universe will be turned on its ear! Collecting X-MEN/FANTASTIC FOUR (2020) #1-4. Rated T+